Perforated 10-way powered leather seats with heat and ventilation? A heatable leather-wrapped steering wheel? 8.4-inch infotainment? Is this a premium luxury sedan or maybe a top-tier sports car? No,…

2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Quad Cab 4X4 Road Test Review

So who's kicking half-ton pickup truck butt in the Canadian market these days? If you guessed Ford with its F-Series you'd be right, but Chevy is no longer number two. That spot has actually belonged to Ram for some time.

It takes two General Motors brands to push Ram off the second-place podium, and not by much. The Ram brand sold 88,521 pickup trucks in Canada last year, an improvement of more than 10 percent compared to 2013. It'll no doubt be some time before Ram gets close enough to Ford for it to even see the big blue oval on the backside of an F-Series truck, but it's been outselling both Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks since 2010, the GM models only achieving 41,959 and 48,046 Canadian sales respectively last year for a total of just 90,005, only 1,484 units more than Ram. At the rate Ram is growing it may not be long before it passes right on by the General's combined dual-brand pickup sales, which may cause some soul searching in Oshawa. Just in case you were wondering, Read Full Story
With the new 1500 EcoDiesel, FCA’s Ram brand revolutionizes the half-ton pickup truck segment with the first-ever diesel-powered offering in North America. Now holding most fuel-efficient title in the…

2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie Road Test Review

One summer, when I was around ten years old, my uncle decided to drive us from the Croatian coast to the Alps of Slovenia. A wonderful vacation, though I still remember gagging on diesel fumes as we followed a string of heavily laden trucks along a mountain pass. We couldn't have imagined that in just a few decades, Dr. Diesel's engine would reach today's level of civility.

Dr. Rudolph Diesel either fell, was pushed, or jumped from the deck of a cross-Channel ferry while on his way to England. That was September 29, 1913, some time before his patented engine design became successful. The motor mounted in the Ram 1500 Diesel would have surely done the good doctor proud, it is a gem of a powerplant, ideally suited to light and medium duty trucks. The basic design has been proven over the years in European utility vehicles. In current form it produces 420 lb-ft of torque, the pulling power you need for both work and play. Measured fuel economy during my test, which included some Read Full Story
Tired of your F-150 or Silverado and looking for something different? Pickup truck loyalty is the strongest in the auto sector, but that doesn’t stop Fiat-Chrysler’s Ram division from trying to woo…

2014 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman Road Test Review

If you haven't seen or heard the ads for Ram's 1500 pickup truck you must be a media hermit. No matter where I turn I'm reminded that the new Ram 1500 delivers "the best fuel economy of any full-size pickup, ever!" This claim is for the new EcoDiesel model mind you, a vehicle we'll cover in another review shortly. The Ram 1500 that's being reviewed here is a nicely featured 1500 Outdoorsman 4x4 model with the surprisingly potent and also thrifty 3.6-litre Pentastar V6.

Right off the top the Ram 1500's base engine is a charmer, with a nice easy-revving feel and better refinement than any of its rivals' entry-level V6s. What's more, at 305 horsepower Ram's V6 puts out almost as much force as one competitor's base V8 and all comparative V6s, while its 269 lb-ft of torque is not quite as ballsy as the competition but it should be ample for light-duty work and play. The real dealmaker is the transmission that comes mated to this engine, an ultra-smooth, super-efficient TorqueFlite Read Full Story
Perhaps no North American automotive category reflects the European influence so clearly these days as the commercial van   segment. It was the former DaimlerChrysler group that really started the…

New compact Ram ProMaster City van on the way for 2015

Perhaps no North American automotive category reflects the European influence so clearly these days as the commercial van segment. It was the former DaimlerChrysler group that really started the trend when it brought over its big Sprinter van from Europe. The Sprinter helped break up the old hierarchy that saw traditional full-size vans dominating the marketplace, with cube vans and commercialized passenger minivans filling in the larger and smaller niches.

Being much more versatile than a cube van, the Sprinter sold well enough to scavenge sales from the slightly smaller full-size vans and prompt manufacturers such as Nissan to bring over their own European-style full size vans. The combination of falling sales for traditional full-size vans and increasingly strict CAFE fuel-economy standards prompted General Motors to drop its 1500-series Express and Savana vans for 2015 and introduce the Chevrolet City Express to fill the need for a small, fuel-efficient yet capable work van. Read Full Story
When it comes to box access, Chrysler’s Ram brand is no stranger to innovation. The marque’s Ram Box already makes use of   the oddly shaped spaces around the wheel wells in the truck…

Multifunctional split tailgate in the cards for next Ram 1500?

When it comes to box access, Chrysler's Ram brand is no stranger to innovation. The marque's Ram Box already makes use of the oddly shaped spaces around the wheel wells in the truck bed to provide lockable, weatherproof storage.

Now Chrysler has filed patents for an innovative "Multi-functional" split tailgate that can provide easier loading access to the truck's box in a variety of situations. Each half of the spilt tailgate can be individually opened either downward like a typical truck tailgate, or outward like a barn door.

The innovative tailgate design could prove handy for owners who need to stand at the back of the truck and reach into the box (since the tailgate would swing out of the way), or carry long loads on one side while leaving the other side up to restrain additional cargo.

The Multifunctional Tailgate, according to the patent application, uses individual tailgate halves that are "coupled to the respective frames to selectively pivot around a Read Full Story