The Charger SXT is no Hellcat, but its 300-hp 3.6L V6, 8-speed auto and rear or all-wheel drivetrain is plenty capable, whereas its fully independent suspension is surprisingly agile for such a big car.…

2017 Dodge Charger SXT Rallye Road Test

Half a century ago, when the Big Three, Ford, GM, and Chrysler, ruled the North American markets, most vehicles were traditional front-engine, rear-wheel drive, and quite often equipped with thirsty V8 engines. In Australia, the full-size car market was dominated by Holdens (GM) and Fords, which competed on racetracks as well as in the showroom. I drove a Holden Commodore a couple of years ago, and was impressed by the vehicle's overall capabilities. There was also a Vauxhall version in England, and to my mind these set a high watermark for reasonably priced, powerful rear-drive sedans.

My early racing years were spent overseas, and I had no real cultural reference to the muscle car era. However, I was one of the pro drivers giving rides around California's Laguna Seca Raceway in Dodge Vipers during Cherries Jubilee, a massive muscle car and hot rod show. The effort and enthusiasm of the owners, along with the rumble of eight-cylinder iron (and 10 with respect to the Vipers), Read Full Story
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced that it will be recalling 297,000 2011 and 2012 Dodge Grand Caravans in North America to repair wiring that may cause an inadvertent air bag deployment. “Wiring…

Fiat Chrysler Recall 297,000 Dodge Grand Caravans

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced that it will be recalling 297,000 2011 and 2012 Dodge Grand Caravans in North America to repair wiring that may cause an inadvertent air bag deployment. “Wiring may chafe against pieces of steering-wheel trim, potentially causing a short-circuit,” Fiat Chrysler said. “This may lead to a second short-circuit that is potentially capable of producing inadvertent deployment of the driver-side front air bag.” According to a statement by the company on Thursday June 15, the problem had caused eight minor injuries. A spokesman for FCA, Eric Mayne reiterated that this recall has no connection to the Japanese auto supplier Takata. Air bags produced by Takata are the root of the largest ever vehicle related recall in North America. The recall is expected to start in late July for 209,000 cars in the United States and 88,000 cars in Canada. According to the FCA, dealers will replace the wiring if needed and add a protective sheath. Consumers will not be charged for repairs.
The Durango is undergoing massive sales growth that if continuing on its current trajectory will see its numbers double this year, yet it’s just a carryover model that Canadian SUV buyers have collectively…

2016 Dodge Durango SXT AWD Blacktop Road Test Review

Since the Durango debuted in 1997 it's been one tough looking contender, the original a compelling design that remains a head-turner after all these years and the current third generation still fresh and stylish despite its half decade of availability. No doubt the mid-cycle update it received three years ago gave it new legs, although it's taken until now for sales to really take off with the first five months of 2016 nearly matching all of last year's results, the numbers reading 3,036 units as of May compared to 3,659 for all of calendar year 2015. What's going on Dodge? Or maybe I should put that question to Canada's SUV buyers. After all, one glance at this SXT Blacktop and I'm left wondering what's taken them so long to catch on. This thing is pure testosterone on wheels.

Its grey Billet Metallic paint and surrounding body-colour detailing along with its blacked out grille, headlight and fog lamp bezels, mirror caps, wheels and badging made it as intimidating as a highway Read Full Story
With 3 engines from 160- to 184-hp, 3 transmissions, a fully independent suspension, 4-wheel discs and more available, the Dodge Dart is an impressive compact American with a feisty Italian heart. Base…

2016 Dodge Dart SXT Blacktop Road Test Review

Performance car enthusiasts will attest that the cars they like most are often least appreciated by bread and butter car buyers, a scenario that's getting played out once again with the fun-loving Dodge Dart.

In case you weren't aware, the modern-day Dart, not the original circa '59-'76, is one of the best driver's cars in its class. It comes standard with a powerful four-cylinder engine that sounds as good as it goes and can be upgraded with two even zippier alternatives, gets a snappy six-speed manual gearbox, optional six-speed auto and even availability of an advanced six-speed dual dry clutch automated transmission, and agile fully independent suspension with struts up front and a multilink design in back, the entire car also benefiting from four-wheel disc brakes and all the usual active and passive safety gear. All this is gifted from a legendary Italian performance brand, Alfa Romeo, which kindly donates the compact Giulietta's revered underpinnings to the American model Read Full Story
Nobody does retro muscle cars like Dodge, and this year’s updated Challenger is no exception. With revised styling front to rear plus a reworked interior the 2015 Challenger gets cool new Scat Pack…

2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker Road Test Review

Really, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm 50-plus, over the hill, on the downward slope and coasting, but wouldn't you know the latest Challenger Scat Pack Shaker had me feeling like a silly schoolboy.

It's been a while since I turned back not once, not twice, but three times while walking down the path to my home, yet this ballsy all-American muscle car has an all-consuming, overpowering pull on eyeballs. When passersby first heard and then saw this big red beast rumble past they either smiled widely or sneered in disdain, the latter obviously not amused by the unrepentant attitude toward environmental issues this car's fire-breathing V8 represents. In reality it's a lot cleaner than the old Volvo diesel wagons that show up at save the trees rallies, but of course it's no Prius. It harks back to the era I grew up in when people protested against "the bomb" while worrying about the coming ice age, how things have changed. The Challenger Scat Pack Shaker is the Classic Coke of the car Read Full Story