Chevy’s new Colorado has breathed new life into the small truck segment, and today on CarCostCanada we review a near top-line Z71 Crew Cab 4WD with its upgraded Apple CarPlay infotainment system, as…

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Crew Cab Short Box 4WD Road Test Review

GM hasn't tried to reinvent the pickup truck with its new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon duo. And why should it? Along with its domestic competitors it helped to invent the concept way back at the dawn of the automotive age and has been integral to its development over the century that followed, including the 1948 "Advance Design" Pickup that was Chevy and GMC's first post-war effort, the 1967 model that were two of the first modern-era light trucks on the market, and specific to this Colorado review, Chevy's numerous compact entries including the original Chevy LUV that hit the scene in 1972, the S-10 (and GMC Sonoma) that arrived in 1982, and the first generation Colorado (and Canyon) that came along in 2004. After a brief two-year hiatus between 2012 and 2014 the Colorado remains Chevy's go-to compact truck, although it's now grown to mid-size dimensions and is certainly more appealing in every respect.

While I liked the styling of the old Colorado, the new one looks a lot Read Full Story
VW’s CC might be a niche model within a segment of one, but it’s an important car for the German brand from a branding perspective. Its cool 4-door coupe styling remains unchanged for 2016, but its…

2016 Volkswagen CC 2.0 TSI Highline Road Test Review

If you bring the name Volkswagen up in conversation these days it can cause quite a stir. Some will immediately comment on the number one auto news story of 2015, Dieselgate, while others will excitedly want to talk about one of the brand's new or significantly updated models, such as the 292 horsepower all-wheel drive Golf R, the redesigned Passat, or the long awaited seven-passenger crossover that is expected later in 2016. One thing's for sure, VW is never boring.

Take the CC. When it arrived on the scene in 2008 it was the first ever four-door coupe in the mainstream volume sector and today, seven years later, it arguably remains as the only four-door coupe in the mainstream volume sector, although some rivals are now encroaching on its territory without using the class moniker. It received a mid-cycle makeover for the 2013 model year that replaced its deeper U-shaped grille design with the more uniform horizontal strakes that now permeate the entire VW lineup, the new version Read Full Story
Is the Cadillac CTS really good enough to compete head-on with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6? It is and it does, especially when kitted out in its higher trim levels. Today on CarCostCanada…

2016 Cadillac CTS 3.6L Premium AWD Road Test Review

If you've been wondering if Cadillac is capable of taking on the Europeans in the ever-escalating luxury war, take a closer look at the latest CTS and you'll likely become a believer. I don't care how skeptical you are or how brand loyal to a crested-wreath competitor, this now mid-size premium player will at the very least gain your respect.

If you're unaware of the new larger CTS, Cadillac completely repositioned it for the 2014 model year, which was required after the true D-segment ATS took over the battle against BMW's 3 Series, Mercedes' C-Class, Audi's A4 and the like. The CTS was always a bit larger than these industry standard bearers, making it a great value for those wanting more size for less cost, but its move into the mid-size E-segment was necessary simply to eliminate overlap. Of course, it now butts up against the slightly larger XTS. That model, however, targets a similar retail audience to the Lexus ES, albeit nowhere near the Japanese division's sales success, Read Full Story
The compact sedan market has never seen anything like the new 2016 Honda Civic. Despite being Canada’s bestselling car for 17 years straight, Honda has given it an unprecedented redesign that totally…

2016 Honda Civic Sedan EX Road Test Review

Get ready to see a lot of these sleek, multi-angled new four-door models on Canadian roads soon. Some folks may need to do a double take in order to catch the chromed nameplate on this car's backside, however, and I'm guessing there'll be a lot of slack-jawed looks of puzzled amazement when people start to realize that this ultra-modern compact is actually a regular old Honda Civic.

Of course there's nothing remotely regular or old about it, other than the household nameplate and company behind it. The Civic has grown to legend status since it debuted in Canada in the early '70s, having been our country's bestselling car for the last 17 years straight. The numbers are staggering actually. Last year Honda Canada sold 66,057 Civics, which was its best year since 2008 when it delivered 72,463, the model's best Canadian sales ever. And today? Calendar year 2015 isn't even over but we already know the Civic will be Canada's top selling car once again, and if it has a particularly Read Full Story
Is there a car company that depicts the happy-go-lucky lifestyle more than Mini? Get one in Cooper S trim and you’ll also get serious performance, while the new 5-Door body-style adds a lot of practicality…

2016 Mini Cooper S 5-Door Road Test Review

We see it all the time. A TV or online ad, an advertorial designed to look like a review while scrolling through social media on our phone or tablet, a full page spread in a lifestyle magazine or likewise for those who still read newspapers, a big screen while waiting for the train or smaller screen inside an elevator. However it gets fed to us it's the same basic promotion by some brand trying to tell us that whatever they're selling will make our lives better, improve our state of well being or health, enhance our sex lives and just generally make us happier people. In my experience most of these claims are simply not true, but when it comes to anything with the winged Mini badge on its hood and backside there just might be a case for truth in advertising.

Of course you'd need to buy into the belief that whatever makes us smile also improves our mental and physical health, that a fast, fun, cool, environmentally hip car could actually make us sexier, and that feeling really Read Full Story
Infiniti gave its compact QX50 a significant refresh for 2016, with new front and rear styling plus lots of LEDs, a longer wheelbase that ups rear legroom and cargo capacity, plus a standard sunroof,…

2016 Infiniti QX50 AWD Premium Road Test Review

Like what you see? It's the "new" QX50, which while implied as being new in the model's latest ad campaign, is merely a very mild mid-cycle refresh behind its restyled front and rear clips, which also involved the North American adoption of a stretched version previously unavailable here. While we could beat up Infiniti for a lack of investment in this model that has only had minor changes over its eight-year lifecycle, or probably more accurately take a jab at Nissan for failing to adequately invest in Infiniti on the whole since inception of the luxury brand, something I chose to do in a review of the base QX50 written previously, we'd miss the more important point that this compact luxury ute was nevertheless an excellent vehicle before this remake and is now an even better one, available for superb value compared to most competitors.

That's right, for just $37,900 plus freight and dealer fees you get a solidly built luxury crossover with numerous features that normally cost Read Full Story
The Toyota Camry is doing well here in Canada this year, spurred on by new styling and even better driving dynamics. Today on CarCostCanada we review a top-line four-cylinder XLE model that comes with…

2016 Toyota Camry XLE Road Test Review

If current Camry sales are any indication, people really like the way the new model looks. After only 11 months it's already passed last year's final tally, and just like in the U.S. it's the clear front-runner in the mid-size sedan segment. Unlike the U.S. however, where it's dominated its category's sales for years, calendar year 2015 will be the first 12 months that the Camry ends up on top of its segment sales chart since 2008, having previously lost out to the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and even the Hyundai Sonata, therefore number one for 2015 will truly be something to celebrate.

Now moving into its second model year after its extensive mid-cycle update, it still looks fresh and unique. The new Camry's deep front grille is almost aggressive in its visual assertiveness, my tester's finished in an attractive glossy dark grey metallic other than the chromed Toyota trademark strikethrough at its top edge. The sharply angled combination halogen projector headlamps add a stylishly Read Full Story
The QX70 has been around the block more than just a few times, having arrived on the market in 2008 with only one refresh since, so is it good enough to compete against premium competitors from BMW and…

2016 Infiniti QX70 AWD Sport Road Test Review

This is an SUV that turns heads. Truly, even while driving through a BMW dealership for some business I needed to attend to, their own people snapped their necks around to take a closer look while one gave me the nod of approval.

I've always had a thing for the QX, even the first generation FX. I was in Phoenix, Arizona for the official launch of that wonderfully sporty ute and remember it vividly. The program was excellent, taking us high up South Mountain Park's lofty summit, which was good from a scenic perspective but daytime traffic limited many opportunities to safely test this 350Z-based model's performance credentials, so with permission from Infiniti's PR staff I woke up at sunrise on the day of my return flight and headed back up the mountain to flog it for all it was worth and get some sweet photos. It's hard to forget a memory like that, plus it left an indelible stamp on an enthusiast's heart and mind for any forthcoming version.

Over the years I've tried Read Full Story