Some will try to compare Aston’s Rapide S to lesser German four-door coupes, but the 552-hp V12-powered DB9-based four-seater is truly one of a kind as no rival is anywhere near as exotic. Starting…

2016 Aston Martin Rapide S Road Test Review

Aston Martin wasn't the first to arrive with a modern-day four-door coupe, but through its Lagonda division it could certainly be considered inspiration for Mercedes' CLS and others that would follow.

The ultimately angular, incredibly luxurious Lagonda sedan was produced from 1976 to 1990, long before the term four-door coupe was coined, but it certainly met all criteria. It was long, wide, low, powerful, and opulent, much like the original DB4-based Lagonda Rapide sold from 1961 to 1964, but of course neither can compare with today's Rapide.

Its forerunners were handsome in their own unorthodox ways, the original elegantly penned except for its controversial Ford Edsel-like horseshoe-shaped grille, and the second car's unique "folded paper" design outrageously exotic for the era and still a jaw-dropper today (I especially like the slightly rounded 1987–1990 Series 4), if you're fortunate enough to see one in the metal (aluminum to be precise), but the thoroughly Read Full Story
A compact Lamborghini? By the angles and wild lime green paint it certainly pulls inspiration from the Italian supercar maker, but rest assured the Civic Coupe is a lot easier to handle, friendlier with…

2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring Road Test Review

I just spent a few minutes tallying up all the Civics loaned to me for weeklong tests and arrived at 23 since I started in this business more than 16 years ago, which makes it one of my most reviewed models ever. Thank you Honda.

This realization makes me grateful for the Japanese brand's support over the years, as well as for all the great memories with this special little car. I may not have gloated over its many permutations with the same fervour as I laud praise on this newest model, but to be completely honest even the worst Civic was better than most of its competitors. Of those 23 Civics eight were Coupes, which while a rather clumsy segue brings me to my latest test car. Therefore without further ado I add a ninth Coupe and 24th Civic to my ever-lengthening list.

If you've never experienced a Honda Civic, you're truly missing out. Even if you only drive premium branded sport/luxury models, take note there's something very special about this car that not only Read Full Story
Infiniti has taken an unusual tack with its updated 2016 Q50, arriving with significantly less power for more money. Actually, according to today’s review the new Q50 is one of the least powerful and…

2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0t Premium AWD Road Test Review

A quick glance at the 2016 Q50 doesn't show much about what's going on behind the scenes, but pop open the beautifully sculpted hood and it's an entirely different story.

The Q50 underwent a complete redesign for 2014 at which point it left its G series past behind and took on its current Q designation, and no one is complaining about its styling. Even well into its third model year it remains one of the more attractive in its highly competitive compact D-segment luxury class, but after this latest year there are many more reasons to sit up and take notice.

The car's previous strength had become its weakness of late. Last year all Q50s came with a standard V6 that walloped each and every rival when it came to base output, the 3.7-litre engine's 328 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque delivering unparalleled bang for the buck yet still not satisfying two important types of customers. The first group are the world's regulatory bodies that keep demanding ever more stringent Read Full Story
Mercedes’ redesigned C-Class Coupe offers a lot for less than $50k, including 18-inch alloys, metal doorsill plates, pushbutton start, power-folding auto-dimming mirrors, powered tilt and telescopic…

2017 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4Matic Coupe Road Test Review

I had a favourite sports coupe as a young man in my early 20s. I know I probably should've been more interested in RX7s, 280ZXs, Sciroccos, Supras and the like at the low end, as they were much more within my reach, or 911s, Countachs, Esprits, M1s, Panteras and 512 Berlinetta Boxers at the high end, because most guys my age were, and I was enthused by all of the above to a point, but for the same reason I'd previously gone all gaga for BMW's 3.0 CS coupe and its 6 Series replacement, I fell head over heals for the now classic early eighties Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC. Looking back I suppose it makes sense, being that my friends jokingly dubbed me Alex P. Keaton when Family Ties was all the rage (it didn't take me long to transform from longhaired rock star wannabe to quintessential yuppie once school had ended and the reality of earning a living set in).

That love affair was reunited with the much more recent fourth-generation E-Class coupe that I first drove in 2010, which is still Read Full Story