Looking for a reasonably priced compact CUV that feels like it was built from a pricier premium brand? A great choice is VW’s Tiguan, small yet large inside, and fun to drive yet very good on gas. Trevor…

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan Comfortline 4Motion Road Test Review

If you want a nice little compact crossover SUV, there's a lot to choose from these days. In fact, pretty well every volume manufacturer has this segment filled, not to mention most premium players, so if you show up with something substandard you're going to get sidelined quickly.

Lucky for Volkswagen the Tiguan is an impressive little ute, with pleasant styling, strong performance, good fuel economy, ample roominess, better than average refinement, plenty of features and genuine German-built goodness that makes it feel a full notch above much of its competition. That I was given a Tiguan tester in mid-grade Comfortline trim with both available packages didn't hurt matters, the $1,750 Appearance Package adding 18-inch Pasadena five-spoke alloy wheels, adaptive HID headlights, LED signature DRLs, and silver roof rails for a decidedly more upscale look, and the $2,075 Technology Package including proximity sensing remote access with pushbutton ignition, touchscreen navigation Read Full Story
Today on CarCostCanada, auto journalist Trevor Hofmann reviews the new Jeep Cherokee in top-line Limited 4x4 trim. Looking and feeling more like a premium SUV than most mainstream contenders, Jeep has…

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4×4 Road Test Review

Now this is a fresh looking design. From its windswept seven-slot grille to its unique LED-enhanced headlights that sit high atop the front fenders, there's really nothing else anything like the new Jeep Cherokee on road. Likewise from the rear, where its taillights are positioned high, just below the rear window, it stands out from the regular compact CUV crowd. The same goes for the Cherokee's interior, especially in Limited trim where it looks more akin to something from uppity Range Rover than down to earth Jeep.

I remember the days when you slid behind the wheel of a compact Jeep and things were much more rudimentary. I worked for an AMC (American Motors Corporation) Renault dealer way back in 1984, and the big sellers then weren't the French brand's cars, its then-new Alliance impressive compared to a Chevy Chevette, but lagging behind Japanese competitors, and certainly nothing branded with the AMC logo sold very well (although a V8-powered, manual-shifted "sub-compact" Read Full Story