The TT has gone from the almost completely ovoid original to crisp and edgy in its third generation, a look that should go over very well with Audi’s many fans. With the TT Coupe revealed already, it’s…

Audi unveils new TT and TTS Roadster before Paris show

Almost as long as the two-seat TT has been in existence, a drop-top Roadster has been part of its sporty equation. The first arrived in 1999; a year after the groundbreaking Freeman Thomas and Peter Schreyer-designed TT Coupe hit production. The more aggressively penned Walter de'Silva-designed second-generation model is still with us today, but will soon be replaced by the ultimately edgy third-generation TT, a model based on Volkswagen Group's flexible new MQB platform architecture.

Like the outgoing car, the new model will be available in sporty TT Roadster and sportiest TTS Roadster guises, but unlike many in this class that have eschewed fabric for retractable hardtops, Audi continues to remain loyal to the traditional folding cloth roof. One of the reasons is weight. The new roof mechanism, made from magnesium, aluminum, steel and plastic components, is three kilos lighter than its predecessor's design, which reduces the car's centre of gravity for better handling.
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Which automaker makes the most plug-in hybrid models? It might surprise you to learn that Porsche is the number one builder of PHEVs, and the only brand to offer a plug-in luxury SUV when the new 2015…

Porsche builds on plug-in lineup with 416-hp Cayenne S E-Hybrid

Think of Porsche and most will inevitably envision the iconic 911 sports coupe, although it should be noted that the German premium performance brand builds six other models as well, not to mention many different body styles of some plus numerous trim levels of each.

More recently Porsche has become something of an alternative fuels purveyor too, with turbo-diesels in the mix as well as a number of hybrid electrics, the latter boasting plug-in capability for two of its 2014 models and now a third for this upcoming model year, the 2015 Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

Consider for a moment that this new addition makes Porsche the only manufacturer in the world to offer three unique plug-in models, plus the only automaker (so far) offering one in the premium sport utility segment. Currently the brand's flagship 918 Spyder "ultracar" waves the plug-in hybrid banner very proudly, whereas the Panamera S E-Hybrid offers plug-in technology at a slightly more approachable price point ($837,232 Read Full Story