Today on CarCostCanada we review the 2015 Audi Q5 with its optional 240-hp 3.0L turbo-diesel TDI Quattro drivetrain and this model’s base Progressiv trim. A total of 428 lb-ft of torque is a whole lot…

2015 Audi Q5 3.0 TDI Quattro Road Test Review

When Audi first unveiled its production Q5 at the 2008 Beijing auto show and later that year at the LA auto show there were only four compact luxury crossover SUVs to potentially compete against, but in less than a year when this smaller Q-ship hit the North American market it was up against six rivals. Now, half a dozen years and one facelift into its first generation the popular four-ringed model faces 10 compact premium challengers, three of which are entirely new this year. To say the compact luxury CUV segment is growing is a major understatement, it's bursting at the seams. This makes the Q5's success all the more impressive.

Last year it was by far the most successful, selling 7,862 units in Canada compared to 6,557 for the next closest competitor, Acura's RDX, 5,599 for the third placed Mercedes' GLK, and 5,219 for BMW's fourth ranked X3, while the rest of its opponents were much farther down the sales chart. It's been the number one seller in its segment for the last Read Full Story
It’s been the talk of the superfast crowd since Lexus introduced it to Detroit auto show goers last year, and now the fabulous new RC F sport coupe is upon us and it has certainly lives up to the hype.…

2015 Lexus RC F Road Test Review

The last time Lexus made an ultra-powerful sports coupe its stratospheric price tag was close to $400,000 and its availability very limited. The 2012 LFA should more accurately be categorized as a supercar than a sports coupe, yet many of the highly coveted model's design cues and technologies can be seen in Lexus' latest super-coupe, the much more affordable RC F, which to some may look more appealing and dare I say even drive better than the LFA.

The RC F bowed to much enthusiasm at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last year, but now that it's out here on the street it seems that past praise didn't do it full justice. This rakish two-door looks even better next to its competition than it did on the rotating show stand. Lexus took everything we already loved about the long, low, wide-track RC 350, accentuated it, muscled it up, optionally layered on carbon-fibre outside and within, upgraded an already beautifully executed cabin with an exclusive colour scheme, Read Full Story
Looking to step up to a true luxury truck? Toyota offers two premium-like trims for its 2015 Tundra that will be sure to please, the as-tested Limited and top-line Platinum. We reviewed the Platinum with…

2015 Toyota Tundra Double Cab 5.7 Limited Tech 4×4 Road Test Review

The idea of a luxury pickup would've been laughable decades ago, but not so anymore. Times change and today's light truck buyer is much more varied in wants and needs than those who stepped up to half-ton haulers in the previous millennium. Now there are at least as many families looking to trucks like this premium-level Tundra Limited for solving their multidimensional lifestyle challenges in style and comfort, as there are commercial users choosing more basic Tundras for hauling construction equipment, farming implements, or whatever business requirements a heavy-duty workhorse can be used for, and for 9,769 consumers and commercial buyers last year the Tundra was the truck of choice.

The exact number of luxury trucks decked out in Limited or Platinum trim is not included in this figure, with many no doubt selling in base, SR and SR5 trim levels. What matters more to Toyota and its ever-watchful rivals is the considerable sales growth this truck has enjoyed since last year's Read Full Story