Does your business regularly haul stuff, deliver packages, need space for tools or require transportation of anything large? If so, Ford has the answer, or at least its Transit Connect cargo van is the…

2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT Van Road Test Review

If you're in the market for a fuel-efficient delivery vehicle or something suitable for hauling around gear dedicated to your small business there's never been a better time to buy into the compact cargo van category.

We can thank Ford for that. Back in 2009 when the blue oval brand started exporting the Turkish- and Romanian-made van to North America there wasn't much competition in the segment, but now Nissan has its NV200, Chevrolet is finally back in the market with a rebadged version of the same Nissan called the City Express, and Ram has its new Fiat Doblò-sourced ProMaster City to go along with its Grand Caravan-based Cargo Van.

Completely revamped last year and now built in Almussafes on the outskirts of Valencia, Spain as well as by Ford Otosan, jointly owned by Ford and Koç Holding in Gölcük, near Kocaeli, Turkey, the second-generation Transit Connect remains the one to beat when it comes to style, performance and overall value, so Read Full Story
Today on CarCostCanada, Trevor Hofmann reviews the 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 in SLE trim with the All Terrain upgrade. While a great looking truck that now boasts one of the most upscale interiors…

2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Crew Cab 4×4 Road Test Review

I, for one, would have been saddened if GMC got the boot in 2009 when General Motors restructured its brand portfolio. It would've been understandable being that some models in the truck and SUV brand's lineup are very similar in design and purpose to models sold under Chevrolet's bowtie badge, such as this Sierra 1500 that's often referred to as the fraternal twin of Chevy's Silverado, but to my eyes the GMC version has almost always been the better looking of the two.

Such was the case with the 2014 redesign that saw both trucks completely reworked from the ground up. The new truck was made stronger and tougher yet more refined looking, not to mention a lot more refined inside, and the result has been nothing less than unanimous praise by professional scribes like yours truly along with kudos from the model's hundreds of thousands of devotees.

That interior is a real piece of work, and I mean that in a most positive way. The 2014 Sierra left behind one of the least Read Full Story
Kia has upset the premium apple cart with its Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class fighting K900 luxury sedan. This full-size, rear-drive, optionally V8-powered flagship four-door delivers…

2015 Kia K900 V8 Elite Road Test Review

What's the world coming to? It's like asking the girl taking orders at the McD's drive-through to biggie size your '57 Dom Pérignon and by all means don't forget to add extra truffles to your foie gras burger. A Kia designed to compete with a BMW 7 Series? Ridiculous!

Think for a moment that legendary luxury brands such as Cadillac and Lincoln don't even offer a full-size rear-drive premium sedan within their current lineups, let alone relative newcomers like Acura and Infiniti, while budget-minded Kia and its South Korean parent company's namesake value-brand Hyundai do. Yes, we certainly live in strange times. Then again, how wonderful life has become for those with a few extra thousand available in their annual automotive budgets.

No matter the angle, the Kia K900 is a beautiful luxury car. Its overall shape is long, lean and athletic, sporty looking for its size yet as elegantly penned as anything in the full-size luxury sedan segment. Put it next to the Read Full Story