Hyundai has done very well with its popular Sonata family sedan, but despite enjoying so much success with the previous model they’ve changed things up for 2015 by leading us in an all-new styling direction.…

2015 Hyundai Sonata GLS Road Test Review

As far as four-door sedans go the Sonata is hardly the most important in Hyundai's five-model Canadian lineup. Its entry-level Accent and second-rung Elantra combine to outsell their mid-size counterpart by more than five to one, yet this reality has nothing to do with the Sonata's desirability within its own mid-size segment, as a similar scenario also gets played out within other mainstream volume brands. Still, while the majority of Canadians purchase smaller cars there's a place in our market for larger family sedans, and the competition between brands for those buyers who step up to these more expensive models is sign enough that they're a critically important component to the overall financial health of any automaker.

Certainly it's about profits, but doing well in the mid-size sector might be even more important to a brand's image. Name the volume brands that don't offer a competitive mid-size model and I'll show you a company that's not in very good fiscal health. Remember Read Full Story
Are you ready for something truly different? How about a five-door Mini Cooper? The iconic British brand has already augmented its offerings to include the two-door coupe and roadster, four-door Clubman…

2015 Mini Cooper 5-Door Road Test Review

All I can say is, "It took you long enough Mini!" Or maybe I should have directed that comment at BMW, which has been applying its own unique brand strategies to the British city car manufacturer since it purchased it way back at the turn of the new century.

Of course if they'd come out with a five-door model back in the mid-aughts it's quite possible the brand's many ardent fans would have become irate and not bought into the new Mini philosophy, but now with a decade and a half of Bini (BMW-Mini) models behind us, which have included nearly every body style configuration seemingly imaginable, from hatchbacks, convertibles and the four-door Clubman, to a coupe, roadster and even a coupe-crossover combo, not to mention the compact Mini Countryman crossover SUV that quite literally opened up the door to more doors, the new Cooper 5-Door is a fitting inclusion. That it also happens to look really cool is just a bonus, as its newfound functionality makes this the car that could Read Full Story
If you’re considering a midsize sport-luxury sedan in the premium sector you really should check out the 2015 Infiniti Q70 3.7 AWD, as it gives you similar levels of quality, prestige, performance and…

2015 Infiniti Q70 3.7 AWD Road Test Review

If this car looks familiar but the name doesn't come to mind, don't worry because you're not alone. Q70 is the new designation for the updated M series, Infiniti's mid-size entry that has served as its flagship sedan since the Japanese luxury brand abandoned the original full-size Q45 back in 2006. In the Q70's previous generation this particular model was the M37x (x denoting all-wheel drive), whereas it's now referred to as the Q70 3.7 AWD. There's a Q70 3.7 AWD Sport as well, plus a Q70 Hybrid. As for the old M56x, Infiniti has gone a step further by lengthening the wheelbase of this V8-powered model and redubbing it Q70L 5.6 AWD.

As much as I'd love to delve further into this range-topping model it will first require a test drive and that is still forthcoming, but the new regular wheelbase Q70 3.7 AWD that I just drove is certainly worthy of a deep dive all on its own. Infiniti upgraded the entire Q70 line for 2015, with a new front fascia incorporating a revised double-arch Read Full Story
Today on CarCostCanada, auto journalist Trevor Hofmann reviews the 2015 Lexus NX 200t in top-tier F Sport trim. It’s been a long time coming, but the new compact Lexus CUV appears worth the wait. This…

2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport Road Test Review

What does NX stand for? According to Lexus it's short for "Nimble Crossover", a fitting name or so I found out after a weeklong test drive. As for me, the NX represents what's NeXt in the premium compact crossover segment, a vehicle that's been a long time coming and one that was well worth the wait.

At first glance you'll notice it's hardly a "me too" design. If they were to offer it in bright orange, lime green or matte black it might cause some to expect a Lamborghini badge on the hood and tailgate, and even when sprayed in more conservative hues many will be shocked to see Lexus' familiar circled "L" right in the middle of its strikingly bold spindle-shaped grille. Revealed almost a year ago at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the NX is no wallflower.

My tester was done up in top-line F Sport trim, an even more aggressively penned alternative. Its chiseled design looks as if it was shaped from a scalpel, starting with the top outward edges of that Read Full Story
Want a good little compact MPV that stands out from the crowd, delivers decent performance, good gas mileage and is rock steady reliable? How about a Scion xB? Consider it a boxy Toyota Matrix, although…

2015 Scion xB Road Test Review

Scion is the best kept secret in Canada, but I'm willing to take a stab at guessing the youth-oriented brands' parent company, Toyota, would rather it wasn't so obscure.

The xB, for instance, is a great car. It rides on the same New MC-platform architecture as the latest Toyota Corolla, a more recent design than the outgoing Matrix wagon, yet offers more power than either from a larger four-cylinder engine as well more interior space. It comes standard with more features too, while its base price point of $19,110 plus $1,695 for freight and pre-delivery preparation is less than what you'd pay if you added similar content to the aforementioned cars, while Scion has a cool and, as mentioned, exclusive cachet.

To give you an idea of just how exclusive it is, Scion sold 651 xB models in Canada last year, while Toyota sold 48,881 Corollas and 7,130 Matrix models, and being that the Matrix was discontinued it wasn't even available for the full year. The previous year Toyota Read Full Story
Today on CarCostCanada, auto journalist Trevor Hofmann reviews the totally redesigned 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe in top-tier LTZ trim. Does this new model finally address complaints customers and pundits have…

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ Road Test Review

To think the Tahoe is merely the XXL version of the XXXL Suburban is mind-boggling. Trying to get this big mountain of an SUV into a camera lens can be tough enough, but doing likewise for a clean shot of a Suburban would require a number of large paces rearward and quite possibly a wide-angle lens upgrade for the camera.

This is why the Tahoe is most large SUV buyers' first choice, at least amongst bowtie models. The Suburban deserves our utmost respect because it's the octogenarian of the General's full-size SUV family, the great grandpa of the bunch, having been redesigned 12 times since inception in 1933 - yes you read that right. The Tahoe is a mere whippersnapper in comparison, just 20 years old and only on its fourth generation, but GMC's Yukon clearly outsells Chevy's alternative while the long-wheelbase Yukon XL almost doubled the Suburban's total last year.

What these two sets of fraternal twins do to the rest of the mainstream industry's full-size truck-based Read Full Story
Today on CarCostCanada, auto journalist Trevor Hofmann reviews the 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan in sporty Blacktop trim. This red on black van represents the last of its kind. Still popular, the Grand Caravan…

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Blacktop Road Test Review

It may come as a bit of a shock to some and will likely be old news to others, but back in May of last year Fiat-Chrysler Automobile (FCA) announced plans to eliminate the Dodge Grand Caravan. This current 2015 model will be the last of an era that's run more than three decades, the first ever Dodge Caravan arriving on the scene in 1983 along with its Plymouth Voyager counterpart.

Many reading this will know why the Voyager was discontinued. It had to go because the entire Plymouth brand was put to rest in June of 2001, but the Dodge brand isn't being discontinued so why would FCA kill off the Grand Caravan? Are sales low? Not exactly. Sales of minivans are much slower than they were at the height of the '90s when they were the darlings of so-called soccer moms (a much-maligned term but seemingly fitting in this review), with one in almost every suburban driveway and every automaker rushing to market with some sort of sliding side-door alternative to the Caravan, the one that Read Full Story