The Mazda5 is hardly new but it offers practical Canadians one of the most versatile people/cargo carriers possible. This compact 6-seat minivan, complete with side-sliders and a rear liftgate, packs…

2017 Mazda5 Buyer’s Guide Overview

Minivans are a still big deal in Canada. This 2017 Mazda5 is no longer available in any other North American market, but it still finds favour here. The 5 was once part of Mazda's Mexican and U.S. lineups, but sluggish sales due to greater focus on SUVs meant the 2015 model year would be its last. It's still popular enough here for a lifecycle extension, however, Mazda stretching its usual four- to five-year tenure into a sixth model year for this practical compact.

The Mazda5 first arrived on the scene in 2005 as a 2006 model, and quickly found favour with smaller families that required maximum utility. Riding on a compact and therefore lightweight Mazda3 platform that, together with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, combined frugal ownership costs with sporty performance, the 5 nevertheless came jam-packed with six seats and rear access via side sliders.

It became popular enough that sales rose to 11,690 units in 2007, a number that becomes even more significant Read Full Story
Could Mazda make it as a premium brand? It once had aspirations of producing a Lexus fighting luxury division, the result of which was the mid-size Millenia sold from 1992–2003, but since its cars and…

2016 Mazda3 GT Road Test Review

If you asked me to name an auto brand that might best be able to transition from the mainstream volume sector to premium status I'd have to put Mazda on top of the list. Certainly Volkswagen would be up there too, but VW already owns Audi, not to mention Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti, amongst others, so moving the brand much further upmarket would hardly make sense. Mazda is already a niche seller in most segments, however, and therefore wouldn't be losing much ground if it decided to shoot for profits instead of overall market share. What's more it wouldn't have to do much to qualify its model lineup for the luxury class.

As a bit of a luxury brand 101 overview, premium auto brands need a highly identifiable image, good performance chops, higher than average refinement, high tech mechanicals and electronics, plus of course luxurious appointments, and Mazda has all of the above covered as well as all-important standalone dealerships renowned for excellent service. The Japanese Read Full Story
Mazda has never done things like its Japanese peers, the fabulous MX-5 roadster our point proven. In this same vein the sporty brand has made it smaller outside and larger inside for 2016, not to mention…

2016 Mazda MX-5 GS Road Test Review

Take a look at the old MX-5 and then say hello to the new one. The only similarities include the two-seat, front-engine roadster profile and circular black rings of rubber filling each wheel cutout, plus Mazda's stylized "M" badge front and back. Yes, most every performance enthusiasts' favourite Japanese brand has just witnessed their beloved sports car transformed from yesteryear's retro ride to tomorrow's futuristic concept car in a single model year, but as folded, creased and sharply modernistic as the new MX-5 looks, it's actually more retrospective than you might think.

What made the original MX-5 Miata such an instant hit, other than its obvious nod to the '62-'73 Lotus Elan that few have ever seen in its composite flesh yet everyone seems to love vicariously due to being the chosen steed of Diana Rigg's Emma Peel in the British spy-fi TV series The Avengers, was said sporty styling as well as rear-drive, lightweight, ideally balanced, brilliantly nimble yet relatively Read Full Story
Jumping to 2nd in monthly sales after just 6 months of availability, Mazda’s new CX-3 is a rising star within its subcompact SUV class. And it’s no wonder thanks to sporty styling, a standard 146-hp…

2016 Mazda CX-3 GS Road Test Review

MX-5 aside, the CX-3 is the sportiest looking new Mazda, but it's more Dakar rally raid than take it to the track on Sunday. It looks like it could go anywhere, although let's be clear, this isn't the intention. Rather, you'll look oh-so stylish pulling up to the ski hill in this subcompact SUV, and you'll get there using less fuel than the majority of snow slaying 4x4s.

Its variation on Mazda's new corporate face might be the best yet. Its large and proud yet tasteful grille is almost stately, and certainly more premium than some luxury branded small CUVs, while its sharp and narrow combination headlamps add to the little soft-roader's animalistic characteristics. Likewise, vertically stacked driving lights and fogs are particularly attractive while adding visual height to the design, these interrupted by a subtle front fender crease that flows past the bottom edge of each headlamp before arcing overtop the wheels and then bending into a beltline that swoops across the front Read Full Story
Mazda has given its popular CX-5 compact CUV a mid-cycle makeover for 2016, but you’ll need to look very closely to see any differences. A slightly revised grille joins new fog light surrounds and new…

2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD Road Test Review

Mazda has updated its CX-5 compact crossover for 2016 and styling changes are subtle. Truly, most won't even notice. The new grille gets five evenly spaced slats for a cleaner more uniform design than the outgoing model's thick black slab up top and honeycomb mesh insert below, while GS and GT models get restyled fog lamp surrounds featuring two horizontal strakes. The mid-grade GS uses the same fogs as last year, while this top-tier GT gets a totally new set of tiny LEDs, not to mention new LED headlamps with signature detailing as well as stylish LED taillights. The GT's standard wheels are impressive too, machine-finished 19-inch alloys with what look to be body-colour painted pockets on 235/55R19 Toyo A23 all-seasons. A nice set of twin exhaust pipes poke through the CX-5's sculpted matte black body cladding that, just like last year's model, continues to wrap right around the SUV's lower extremities for a rugged yet sporty look.

My tester's Titanium Flash Mica (metallic brown) Read Full Story