Shopping for tires online is the “smart” move

There is no striving industry that is not on the web nowadays. Just take a look at giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Wouldn’t you agree that they have profoundly transformed shopping? As people are turning in masses to online shopping for buying even the most ordinary items. It is somewhat surprising that when it comes to buying tires, a lot of people don’t think of online shopping.

In fact, shopping online for tires has so many advantages that once you purchase online, you’ll never buy again from a tire shop!

Online is cheaper

The first thing that jumps out when it comes to online shopping is that it is simply cheaper. In fact, depending on the type of tires you are looking for, you could save between 50$ and 200$. How is that possible, you may ask? Essentially because of two factors: volume and fixed costs.

So, what do we mean by volume? Websites that offer tires sell a lot of them, sometimes even more than car dealerships or specialized shops. The bigger the volume of tires sold on that website, the bigger the discount they can negotiate with the tire manufacturers. Of course, if the website pays less for its tires, so does the customer!

Fixed costs are a bit trickier to understand. In business, a fixed cost is a cost that stays the same, regardless of the quantity of a product you sell. Fixed costs include electricity, rent, water fees, etc. Basically, everything that has nothing to do with tires! Since online stores don’t have to receive clients, and other types of goods, their buildings don’t have to be pretty or welcoming to customers, or capable of receiving a huge variety of stuff. Therefore, they save a lot of money on fixed costs, which means the customer is saving money, in the end.

Online, there are more options!

You like to shop and compare tire models? Shopping online is for you! Online tire shops order their tires directly from the suppliers. If you are looking for a particular tire model, the website can order it in for you. And yes, some traditional shops will do it as well.

However, since most traditional shops have to share their warehouse space between a lot of different products, they can’t keep a big or diverse inventory. Tires websites on the other hand, have the capacity and will have a much bigger inventory. Why? Because 100% of their space is dedicated to storing tires. So, if you are looking for a particular model, chances are that the website will have it in inventory, since it can store so much more.

Online, there is no pressure!

If you go to a car dealership or a traditional store for your tires, there are good chances that the salesman will try to push a particular product on you. Why? Because they have special promotional incentives with certain manufacturers, and in the end, you might not even get the right tire model for your car.

Online, there is no such partnership. You go there, you enter the year, make and model of your vehicle, and you’ll see every type of tire available for your car! You’ll finally be able to shop peacefully, finding the right tire model for you, without any pressure from a salesman.

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