Crossover wagons don’t get any better than Volvo’s new V90 Cross Country, and we dissect it in detail for today’s review. With a starting price of $62k it isn’t cheap, but it’s almost fully…

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Inscription Road Test

Sport wagon fans, crossover fans, unite! Volvo has created your ultimate ride.

The new Volvo V90 Cross Country might be the spiritual successor to the XC70, but it's an altogether more advanced, more luxurious, better driving, and better looking vehicle.

Of course, any wagon fan worth their salt loved the XC70 when new too, but that was a long time ago. A very long time ago.

In fact, the first time I tested an XC70 was way back in February of 2005, on a lake in Quebec, ice racing of sorts. We weren't actually racing each other, although pride was up for grabs. The usual gaggle of auto scribes and TV correspondents were given a half dozen or so XC70s to abuse on a makeshift autocross course in the middle of a frozen lake, with orange cones outlining the track and just enough snow around its edges to act as curbs. It was brilliant fun despite the brutally cold day, my fingers feeling the chill while trying to snap photos, but the XC70s kept us warm and plenty Read Full Story