Nissan New Sedan Concept teased ahead of Beijing auto show

Is Nissan giving us another possible glimpse at the upcoming next-generation Maxima? The Japanese brand showed us the Sport Sedan Concept
2014 Nissan New Sedan Concept
at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last January, and now we’re preparing for the New Sedan Concept that will be unveiled at Auto China 2014 in Beijing on April 20.

At first glance the New Sedan Concept looks much the same as the Sport Sedan Concept, but of course it’s merely a teaser image that only shows the front portion of the car, wrapped loosely in a semi-transparent sheet. Just the same, it’s easy to make out its V-shaped grille and unique headlight design. We’ll have to wait for more teasers or the real deal to get a better idea of what Nissan is planning.

The New Sedan Concept targets “Chinese digital lifestyle” customers, says Nissan, which is marketing-speak for younger and upwardly mobile enough to own a smartphone and tablet.

It’s quite possible that the New Sedan Concept is the Chinese version of the same car shown in Detroit, the Sport Sedan Concept. If so, it is more than likely the next-generation Maxima in Chinese-market form (possibly with a longer wheelbase?). Either way, if this new model is indeed a pre-production prototype, we’re in for a real treat when it hits the street. Stay tuned…

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