If your car consistently sits in 9th out of 11 competitors you’ve got to ask the tough questions, which is what our review of the 2017 VW Passat does. Is its styling not provocative enough to lure would-be…

2017 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI Highline Road Test Review

The mid-size family sedan segment doesn't play fair, or so it seems. There's a total of 11 mainstream volume branded players on the Canadian market and most offer sizeable proportions, decent performance, good fuel economy, ample standard and optional features, impressive safety, and reasonable style, but the most successful is nearly 10 times more popular than the bottom feeder.

The oddity here is the poorest selling Mazda6 is one of the more accommodating, best to drive, most efficient, safest, and arguably nicest looking, while the bestselling Toyota Camry is certainly some of the above albeit comparatively boring and bland, so obviously looks don't play as big a role in sales results as other factors. After 11 months of the 2016 calendar year the sales chart shows the following results in Canada: 14,848 Toyota Camrys, 13,513 Ford Fusions, 12,952 Honda Accords (sedan and coupe), 10,868 Chevrolet Malibus, 9,647 Hyundai Sonatas, 7,458 Nissan Altimas, 6,680 Chrysler 200s, 4,615 Read Full Story
The current Jetta might be long in the tooth but its new 150-hp 1.4L engine is brilliant with 184 lb-ft of torque, its handling great, and its standard 5- and optional 6.3-inch infotainment systems superb,…

2016 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Trendline Plus Road Test Review

Things have changed dramatically in the compact class since Volkswagen launched the redesigned 2011 Jetta way back in 2010. While once a frontrunner in style, cabin quality, performance and technology, that considerably less expensive car's interior refinement and handling characteristics didn't measure up to previous years, and despite rectifying some of these issues since its debut, others in the compact class have upped their game considerably.

At the end of this six-year experiment of dumbing down the once brilliant Jetta, Volkswagen has been proven correct. The people have spoken with their wallets resulting in Canadian Jetta sales swelling from 14,758 units in calendar year 2010 to 26,749 the following year, 26,904 in 2012, 30,413 in 2013, and 31,042 in 2014, albeit dipping slightly to 27,719 in 2015 despite a mild mid-cycle upgrade, likely attributed to a new Golf that probably pulled some buyers sideways within VW's compact lineup, as well as the fact that this generation Read Full Story
Volkswagen never goes halfway with its special editions, and the new Beetle Convertible Denim is no exception. From unique denim blue paint and a dark denim fabric top to a two-tone blue denim interior…

2016 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Denim Road Test Review

Volkswagen is known for its special editions, especially when it comes to the iconic Beetle. This year alone brings us the 2016 Beetle Dune, a crossover style soft-roader, and this new Beetle Convertible Denim, while the Classic carries over from last year.

I doubt anyone in Wolfsburg remotely remembers long since forgotten (except by yours truly) Levi's editions of the Chevy Chevette and AMC Gremlin, but like every Beetle model the Denim pulls inspiration from yesteryear and this one gives a nod to the oddly yellow Euro-market "Jeans Bug" of the '70s. The Beetle Classic just mentioned took my memory to new depths, reminding fondly of dad's '66 Beetle, my bro's '69, and a '72 Super Beetle left in my care one particularly good summer by a pretty young woman who went on vacation.

This Denim edition has two tires stuck in the past and the other set rolling along in the present thanks to equal parts '70s-era Britannia, Howick and Jordache flares (sans rainbow coloured pocket Read Full Story
The Tiguan is the oldest compact SUV in its class yet it’s still quite competitive with a 200-hp direct-injection turbo 2.0L four, a 6-speed auto, AWD and a well priced Special Edition model that includes…

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TSI Special Edition Road Test Review

The Volkswagen Tiguan is now four years into a mid-cycle refresh of its first generation with a complete overhaul expected in early 2017, so therefore after nine years on the North American market and yet more time spent in Europe, where I first drove it way back in September of 2007 at its Budapest, Hungary press introduction, yet another Special Edition bids this version of VW's classy little crossover farewell.

Despite its years the Tiguan has held up very well. VW finished its interior to a higher standard than most of its peers back in the day, while its straight-line performance has always put a smile on my face and its ride and handling compromise has long been less of a compromise than most in this class, the little Tiguan delivering segment-leading maneuverability despite a very comfortable, compliant chassis. It was one of the smallest compacts on the Canadian market when introduced and still is, even rubbing shoulders with some subcompact SUVs, which is reason enough Read Full Story
Once again we revisit the legendary Golf GTI, now better than ever thanks to a 220-hp upgrade for the 2.0L TSI, plus 18-inch rims, Comfort, Normal and Sport driving modes, a locking front diff, autonomous…

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance DSG Road Test Review

The Golf GTI is mostly carryover for 2016, but I don't think anyone will complain. The redesigned 2015 model was multi award-winning after all, delivering the type of go-fast VW experience that fans of the hot hatch have rallied around since it came into existence in the mid seventies. It's all about small, light, quick yet practical performance, and this new GTI represents one of the best interpretations of these core values in years.

The result has been more sales, with Volkswagen's Canadian division delivering 156 more GTI's in 2015 than the year prior, a difference of 6.3 percent, with the end result being 2,625 sales last year compared to 2,469 sold in 2014. The numbers are bigger and better south of the border where VW's U.S. division sold 23,669 GTI's throughout 2015 compared to just 17,362 the year before, representing 36.3-percent growth, and 2014 improved from just 13,310 sales in 2013.

From a styling perspective the new GTI is clean and crisp, yet it shows Read Full Story