Love the recently redesigned 2017 Pathfinder but want a darker more aggressive look? Nissan has the answer in its all-new Platinum Midnight Edition that removes some of the bright silver and chrome exterior…

Nissan Canada offers Pathfinder Platinum Midnight Edition to celebrate 30 years

Love the recently redesigned 2017 Pathfinder but want a darker more aggressive look? Nissan has the answer in its all-new Platinum Midnight Edition that removes some of the bright silver and chrome exterior trim and replaces it with glossy black detailing.

Included are black mirror caps, a black rooftop spoiler, unique 20-inch black alloys, a chromed rear bumper protector, plus Canada-exclusive badges on the fenders and tailgate, while the cabin gets illuminated kick plates and LED lighting elements.

The Platinum Midnight Edition celebrates 30 years of Pathfinder availability in Canada, making the popular SUV one of the most enduring sport utility vehicles on today's market.

"The Nissan Pathfinder has a storied heritage as one of the modern pioneers in the SUV segment, with more than 30 years in Canada, yet we are always looking forward – staying true to the Pathfinder name," said Tomoyuki Matsumoto, Senior Chief Marketing Manager at Nissan Canada Inc. Read Full Story
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2017 Nissan Armada Platinum Road Test Review

You may not realize, but Nissan's two northernmost North American markets just had a year worth celebrating. No, I'm not talking about Nissan Canada's best-ever sales of 122,059 units or the Japanese brand's US division that did likewise with 1,426,130 deliveries. Come to think of it, Nissan's bigwigs might not even be aware of the somewhat smaller party going on down the hall in the full-size truck-based SUV department, but 2016 was the first year the Armada SUV outsold Toyota's Sequoia.

The numbers won't likely get Nissan's bean counters jumping for joy, with 716 Armadas sold last year compared to 697 Sequoias in Canada, plus Nissan's US division managing to move 13,834 off dealer lots compared to just 12,771 of the big Toyota. After the first month of 2017 Nissan USA has kept up its momentum with 1,908 Armadas down the road compared to a mere 1,146 Sequoias, so Nissan Canada had better get its act together because Toyota is once again out in front with 65 Sequoias to 62 Armadas. Read Full Story
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Nissan bringing Qashqai subcompact SUV to Canadian market

Nissan has had fun advertising the unique Qashqai (cash-kai) name in European markets where consumers have been mispronouncing it for more than a decade, smartly turning a negative into a positive with humorous radio/TV spots and online videos. From what it appears, when the subcompact SUV arrives on Canadian soil this spring it will retain its unusual global name, despite Nissan Canada's U.S. counterpart choosing to call it Rogue Sport.

Smart move? While Canadians appreciate some differentiation from the 10-times-larger U.S. market, the reality of cross-border advertising bleed makes a strong argument for following the American narrative. Kia, which previously named its Canadian-spec mid-size sedan Magentis, because it rightly considered Canada a separate global market, eventually renamed it Optima to take advantage of marketing synergies between the two countries, however Mitsubishi's RVR, which has long been competitive within the same subcompact SUV segment the new Qashqai Read Full Story
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There has always been a lot to like about the fourth-generation Pathfinder, unless you're one of those still lamenting its metamorphosis from body-on-frame 4x4 to car-based crossover. Still, even these off-road purists can't argue against the model's increased popularity since, as sales numbers don't lie.

The larger, more refined and altogether more livable mid-size SUV arrived on the scene as a 2013 model in May of 2012, with sales growing from 1,880 units the year before to 2,666 during the changeover year, but it wasn't until calendar year 2013, the reimagined Pathfinder's first full year on the market, that it would truly gain traction with 7,936 units delivered, this followed up by 9,688 sales in 2014, 9,898 in 2015, and 9,670 last year. Together with the more recently redesigned five-seat Murano, which just has its best year of 13,834 sales, Nissan's assault on the mid-size SUV market totaled 23,504 units, which makes it the fourth most popular brand in the segment behind Read Full Story
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Like what you see? You're looking at the nicely updated Altima, a car that took on a number of Nissan's new brand-wide design enhancements last year for a mix between the subtle Sentra and sultry Maxima. I suppose it makes sense for any mid-size family sedan to find the middle ground with respect to styling, something the Altima also does with respect to performance.

The more wildly penned Maxima, Nissan's self-proclaimed 4DSC (four-door sports car), is the Japanese brand's four-door performance leader, and while a new Sentra with more get up and go has just hit the streets this Altima is more competitive within its mid-size family sedan segment.

The Altima is only one of two mid-size models that have already surpassed their 2015 calendar year totals after just 11 months of year-to-date sales, with 7,458 down the road compared to 7,293 all of last year; the other car is the redesigned Chevy Malibu. Even so December's sales won't be able to push the Altima near the 9,475 Read Full Story