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Kia releases photos of new Picanto city car

The Picanto has long been a great looking little city car that sells very well in global markets. Canadian world travelers that happen to love cars may have noticed them roaming the streets in Europe, Asia, or most anywhere else, although diehard automotive fans will likely be aware of the car's existence. Given its popularity elsewhere and our burgeoning small car market, wouldn't it make sense for Kia, a growing albeit still less popular brand, to offer it here?

Kia has just released photos of its third-generation Picanto, a stylish little runabout that boasts a 15-mm longer wheelbase than its predecessor at 2,400 mm, and wheels that have been pushed farther out towards each corner for "a more confident appearance," says Kia. Along with more sculpted bodywork the new Picanto's exterior colour palette will be even more vibrant than previous generations, with 11 bright paint options designed to make passersby take notice.

The Picanto's redesigned interior will include Read Full Story
Before you buy another Camry or Accord, take a moment to consider the new Kia Optima. For similar money you’ll get a lot more car, with a more advanced turbo powertrain, paddle-shift performance and…

2016 Kia Optima SXL Road Test Review

I can't say the new Optima is better looking, but it's certainly different. Let's face it. Improving upon the previous third-generation design would've been difficult. That car changed wholesale perceptions of Kia as a brand.

With the 2011 Optima, Kia immediately became synonymous with cool and cutting edge, not unlike the way the sixth-gen Sonata wowed the mid-size class when it debuted in 2009, and thus caused us all to look at Hyundai in a different light. Still, while the new 2016 Optima design is sleeker and seemingly more aerodynamic, it's lost some of the previous version's unique character, and that may hurt sales, but Kia had to do something.

After all, over the past four years the Optima went from a respectable sixth in the mid-size family sedan segment with 11,992 sales in 2012 to eighth with 6,210 sales in 2015. But an all-new model should boost sales up again, right? Normally that's the case, but after 10 months of 2016 the Optima has only sold 4,157 units, Read Full Story
Like many mainstream volume brands, Kia has been moving upmarket in an effort to grow brand image and profits, the result being some very nice luxury models for modest prices. Enter the new second-generation…

2017 Kia Cadenza Road Test Review

Cadence is defined by Merriam-Webster as the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion of activity. Likewise, the 2017 Kia Cadenza is defined by the beat of its 290 horsepower V6, and the rhythmic motion produced by galloping along country roads.

So what better place to introduce a vehicle that combines power and motion than an equestrian themed resort in Loudon County, Virginia? Yes, the Salamander Resort served as a first-class launching pad for Kia's first-class mid-size luxury sedan.

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Compare the new 2017 Kia Sportage SX to any premium brand compact SUV and you’ll walk away wondering why you should pay more, or possibly you’ll drive away happy that you didn’t. The features are…

2017 Kia Sportage SX Road Test Review

I can never figure out why some Kia models don't lead their respective segments in sales. Obviously the brand has an image issue, something it's been working hard to overcome with stunning new designs, impressive quality, features galore, and competitive driving dynamics, but even if these attributes weren't shining as brightly as they do, the value offered in vehicles like this Sportage should have buyers queuing up in front of Kia showrooms just so they don't miss getting one.

In an effort to win yet more customers to the brand, that compact SUV has been totally redesigned for 2017, and I tested a top-line Sportage SX to see how it measures up. Opting for the SX means Kia's trademark black mesh grille gets flanked by auto on/off directionally adaptive projector HID headlamps with integrated LEDs and auto high beams, two quads of LED fog lights at each corner, an aluminum-look skid plate below, 19-inch machine-finished alloys with black painted pockets down each side, LED turn Read Full Story
Before you spend too much for a premium branded CUV check out the latest Kia Sorento in top-line SX trim. For just over $42k you get a stylish midsize SUV with a 240-hp turbo four, AWD, stainless undertrays,…

2016 Kia Sorento SX T-GDI AWD Road Test Review

You know how some companies just have a thing for good design? Apple has long been noted for its style leadership, as has Jawbone, Bang & Olufsen, Dyson, Braun, and the list goes on. We can now add Kia to this list, but to be perfectly candid with respect to this South Korean brand, style wasn't an inherent trait. A look back to some of their previous models is all that's needed to remind anyone of that fact, although the Sorento has been one of their more appealing products since it arrived in 2003.

I dubbed the 2003 Sorento "great looking" in a review that followed its Canadian launch program, and even recommended it to my brother and his wife who purchased a fully loaded one and enjoyed it for more than a decade without problem. After testing the second-generation 2011 model I called it an "extremely stylish design." True, not my most creative literary work in either case, but at least straight to the point and notably positive. My notes for this all-new third-generation Read Full Story