Have you been pampering yourself too much? Isn’t it time to add a rough and ready Jeep Wrangler to your active lifestyle? While the rugged 4x4 isn’t for everyone, it certainly is popular with more…

2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport S Road Test Review

So, do you think Audi is selling well these days? They are. Last year's U.S. sales gained 11.1 percent for their best year ever, resulting in a total of 202,202 cars and crossovers sold.

What's this got to do with the Wrangler? Absolutely nothing, although when I saw the iconic Jeep's improved sales numbers that were up 15.6 percent for an all-time-high of 202,702 units throughout calendar year 2015, it caused me to stop in my tracks. First of all, except for one digit, the numbers are almost identical, this recalling Audi's sales total that I used in a recent review, at which point it dawned on me that Jeep actually sold 500 more of its the humble Wranglers over the same twelve month period than the entire Audi brand that's made up of 11 unique models and many more body styles, powertrain configurations and trim levels. A similar scenario plays out here in Canada, with the Audi brand good for a 9.1-percent increase resulting in 26,754, although the four-ringing German brand is Read Full Story
Want a family-friendly compact crossover but wishing you could find something with a little more off-road capability? Look no further than Jeep and its new Cherokee. Today we review the Cherokee North…

2016 Jeep Cherokee North 3.2 V6 4×4 Road Test Review

When Jeep's new Cherokee hit the market in the late summer of 2014 none of us really knew how well it would do. I liked how it looked, although I remember some of my colleagues weren't so taken by its unusual styling, particularly its narrow, high-mounted headlights, but this said it's impossible to forecast how the buying public will react once a vehicle gets off the auto show stage and hits the road. As it turns out, it's been a massive hit for America's iconic 4x4 brand.

Last year, during its first full year of sales, the Cherokee found 178,508 buyers in the US, while here at home it sold 22,529 units, making it the sixth most popular compact SUV in the US behind the Honda CR-V (335,019), Ford Escape (306,212), Toyota RAV4 (267,698), Chevy Equinox (242,242) and Nissan Rogue (199,199), and the fifth most popular in Canada behind the Escape (52,198), CR-V (37,684), RAV4 (36,639) and Rogue (28,827); the Equinox only found 19,559 Canadian buyers last year, which actually puts it Read Full Story
Jeep’s new Renegade is already one of the best selling subcompact SUVs in North America, and today we review a mid-grade North model with load of options. Starting at just under $20k, the Renegade offers…

2015 Jeep Renegade North 2.4 4×4 Road Test Review

The new Jeep Renegade might just be the cutest of cute utes ever, its upright boxy stance and rounded elements almost making it look pudgy, but in an adorable way. Where it's Fiat 500X counterpart is ovoid all around yet still appears sporty, the Jeep pulls off a compact ruggedness thanks to that squared off upright design and plenty of thick black trim and body-cladding, not to mention four of the toughest looking Y-style five-spoke machine-finished alloys in the segment. Two of its most unique elements are the "X" marks the spot Phillips crosshead screwdriver taillights, but really the whole design is ultra-brave with loads of interesting details.

Inside, Jeep takes premium-level luxury to a whole new level for this subcompact SUV class. For instance, the dash top is padded all the way down to the lower midpoint of the instrument panel, which means that it wraps all the way around the primary gauge package as well as switches below that, while also circling right around the Read Full Story
If you’re looking for a compact 4x4-capable SUV in the volume sector it’s go Jeep or go home, and while such models used to be utilitarian at best, the new Cherokee gives its owners real off-road…

2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4×4 Road Test Review

What's a Trailhawk? It's certainly no diurnal bird of prey, no accipitrinae seeking out snakes, lizards, mice, rabbits, squirrels, fish and defenseless birds from a lofty perch above. The Trailhawk can venture where most of the slithering and crawling land-bound creatures on the latter list abide, and do so quickly, although even if it were equipped with a shot of SRT growth hormones (which it unfortunately doesn't get) it couldn't reach the 322 km/h (200 mph) max velocity of a peregrine amid its hunting stoop, but then again it would likely feel quite comfortable at the red-tailed hawk's 193 km/h (120 mph) top d(r)iving speed. And while the Trailhawk's LED-enhanced bi-function halogen projectors shed a fair amount of forward light they're not quite as impressive as the ultra-sharp vision of any old hawk, the four-wheeled animalistically capable off-roader's complete lack of retinal photoreceptors no match for the buteo raptor's million per square millimeter, but at least Jeep's latest Read Full Story
Nothing is more American than the Jeep Wrangler, yet this iconic 4x4 based on a legendary war hero is actually more popular per capita here in Canada where it sold more than 23,000 units last year. Today…

2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4×4 Road Test Review

I've got a special place in the sweet spot of my soul for the Wrangler, and it wasn't because I enjoyed great times in one as a kid or anything so formative. My dad loved the Willys. He lived through wartime Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany as a child, and then joyously witnessed thousands of the little 4x4s help allied forces liberate the majority of peace-minded citizens from the Nazis. He told me many stories and I'd listen with piqued interest, sometimes at home and oftentimes while away camping or at our family cabin.

On one such vacation in BC's Caribou country we "tested" a Willys from an en route gas station owner who was attempting to sell it, and my dad piloted it up and over some rough ranching territory. The tiny tot of a 4x4 was anemic at best, but it made light work of heavy-duty trails. That was my first experience in a Willys jeep, and it left a lasting impression. He actually owned a Toyota FJ40 at the time, and as I remember had very little positive to say Read Full Story