With styling like this, no wonder Jaguar’s new F-Pace is selling so well. It’s now the 2nd most popular SUV in Jaguar-Land Rover’s dual-brand lineup, outpacing all but the Range Rover Sport. Pricy…

2017 Jaguar F-Pace 20d AWD Prestige Road Test Review

In life, it's best to expect the unexpected. All too often that phrase follows bad news, but once in a while a positive surprise seems to set everything right in the world again.

Jaguar's new 20d turbodiesel four-cylinder isn't about to get Rona Ambrose high-fiving Trudeau or Hillary warming up to Trump, but it should be good news to disenfranchised Audi Q5 TDI, BMW X3 28d, and Mercedes-Benz GLK250 BlueTec owners still wishing and hoping they could trade up to "clean" diesel performance. We all know the Dieselgate story that saw VW group's oil burners leave most global markets in shame, and by know many will also know BMW and Mercedes no longer sell diesels in North America, so it came as a pleasant surprise to see Jaguar, of all brands, show up with a diesel of its own this year.

Unlike its four-cylinder gasoline engines that are sourced directly from previous parent company Ford Motor, as well as Jaguar's V8 that was co-developed with blue-oval engineers and used in Read Full Story
Jaguar’s F-Pace was named “Supreme Winner” at the 2016 Women’s World Car of the Year Awards, while also achieving SUV/Crossover of the Year in the same competition, just two of the latest in a…

Jaguar F-Pace named 2016 Women’s Car of the Year

Jaguar's F-Pace was named "Supreme Winner" at the 2016 Women's World Car of the Year Awards, while also achieving SUV/Crossover of the Year in the same competition, just two of the latest in a long line of awards the F-Pace has garnered since going on sale last April.

"The awards of 'Supreme Winner' and 'Best SUV/Crossover' in the 2016 Women's Car of the Year Awards is a great achievement and a true highlight in the continuing F-Pace success story," said Fiona Pargeter, Head of Global PR Communications, Jaguar Land Rover. "The combination of beautiful design, everyday usability and unrivaled driving experience set the F-Pace apart from the competition and is attracting new customers to the Jaguar brand worldwide."

The Women's World Car of the Year is the only automotive award decided entirely by women, comprised of 17 judges from 14 countries around the world. The award's judges submit their personal shortlists, this year resulting in 294 nominated vehicles. After compiling Read Full Story
With 550-hp from a supercharged V8, an 8-speed auto with paddles, AWD, 20-inch alloys and more the F-Type R Coupe hits 100km/h in 4 seconds before a 300km/h top speed while looking fabulous along the…

2017 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Road Test Review

Just look at it. The F-Type Coupe might be the most beautiful car of its kind currently available today, or at least if the Aston Martin Vantage didn't exist it would be. That of course is a personal opinion, and in most other respects, if any at all, it gives up nothing to the much pricier Brit.

The F-Type Coupe starts at a reasonable $78,500 plus freight and fees, although add options to any car in this class and the price can quickly escalate. The R Coupe you're looking at starts at $118,500, yet with all extras included it hits the road at a considerable $126,000. Still, price out similar options on an equally quick 911 Carrera 4 GTS or Mercedes AMG GT and you'll spend tens of thousands more, or alternatively the sky is the limit if you choose the aforementioned Aston.

Due to its relative affordability the F-Type has been high on my list of modern-day favourites since it debuted as the C-X16 concept at the Frankfurt auto show in September 2011, which ended up being Read Full Story
Jaguar’s midsize XF was completely redesigned for 2016 with a new aluminum-intensive body shell, reworked styling, a revised interior, improved infotainment and other upgrades, while the latest 2017…

2017 Jaguar XF R-Sport 35t AWD Road Test Review

I don't envy the people in charge of any premium brand's mid-size E-segment offerings these days. While my personal favourite size as far as five-person luxury conveyances go, the vast majority of consumers are passing on their four-door sedans like proverbial hot potatoes, and instead opting for crossover SUVs that more often than not ride on the same cars' underpinnings. It's a trend that still seems to be growing, and a reality that's hurt brands predominantly in the "car" business.

Jaguar is one such premium marque. Its brand image steeped in luxury lore, not to mention rich with rarified motorsport heritage, but until recently it didn't offer a single SUV. Before the F-Pace, which after only six months is already the brand's bestselling model, Jaguar retailers needed only to guide their customers over to the Land Rover side of the showroom in order to find something with a raised ride height, five-doors and a handy hatch, but now JLR buyers have yet more variety to choose Read Full Story
Jaguar gave its XJ flagship sedan a refresh for 2016, including tweaked front end styling, new LED headlights, oval tailpipes, a much improved infotainment system and more. The 340-hp base and 550-hp…

2016 Jaguar XJL 3.0 AWD Portfolio Road Test Review

Popularity wouldn't be my initial reason for considering a particular luxury car, exclusivity higher on my list of desirable attributes. Still, the object of one's eye needs to have achieved a certain level of marketplace acceptance in order to drive demand amongst pre-owned buyers or its resale value will plummet as soon as you drive it off the lot. That's just one reason why the Jaguar XJ makes sense.

It's no S-Class when it comes to Canada's full-size luxury sedan sales chart, the Mercedes almost doubling BMW 7 Series deliveries so far this year and the big Bimmer selling more than twice as well as Audi's A8. No, the XJ is much less common than the first two F-segment sales leaders, but over the first eight months of 2016 it was a mere two cars shy of matching the four-ringed model's total at 159 units compared to 161. If you think that sounds small, consider for a moment that Lexus only sold 60 examples of its LS over the same period, whereas premium wannabes Kia and Hyundai Read Full Story