Ford has long been ahead of the electric curve, providing corporate and government fleets with battery-powered versions of its old Ranger pickup truck and other models more than a decade ago and even…

2016 Ford Focus Electric Long-term Test

"When someone purchases a product, any product, there will always be something that motivates and drives the action."

I'm sure somewhere a marketing guru has said those exact words. So when a person chooses to purchase a Ford Focus, they might be driven (no pun intended) by a desire to own or lease an economical, well-built, fun to drive, reliable compact car.

The Focus is a world car, built in assembly plants across the globe. It was originally introduced in Europe during 1998, and arrived here in late 1999 as a 2000 model. The current version is the third-generation, launched in 2010 for 2011 model year. To say the Focus is a successful car line would be an understatement. Since 1999 over 3.4 million units have been sold in the US alone. This doesn't take into account Europe, Canada or any of the other global markets it's sold in.

With such a high level of retail success, as well as extensive use in fuel cell development, it only made sense for the Focus to Read Full Story
The popular Fusion mid-size sedan gets a refresh for 2017, so we test its most basic electrified S Hybrid trim level. The lowest priced HEV in its four-door class, the Fusion Hybrid comes well stocked…

2017 Ford Fusion S Hybrid Road Test Review

The Fusion has always been a strong seller for Ford, although the second-generation model introduced four years ago took the model's popularity to new heights, even achieving bestselling status in the mid-size segment here in Canada. While since giving the top podium up to a redesigned Camry the good folks in Oakville, Ontario's blue-oval HQ are hoping this refreshed Fusion might push it back over the top.

If it were based solely on styling the Fusion certainly has the edge, the new 2017 getting some subtle yet very nice improvements to its design, from a faintly reworked grille, more angular headlamps and a revised lower fascia to classier LED taillights incorporating ritzy chrome strikethroughs that continue right across the car's backside, but there's much more than merely a new set of clothes behind Ford's latest attempt to grow the Fusion's mid-size market share.

It's attacking its competitors from every angle. The new all-wheel drive 325 horsepower twin-turbocharged Read Full Story
Want a little car that delivers big? Ford’s Fiesta Sedan is a good place to start and its mid-line SE trim really dresses things up inside and out with fog lamps, alloy wheels, power side mirrors with…

2016 Ford Fiesta Sedan SE Road Test Review

If you want to judge the core values of any brand, spend some time with its least expensive product. With Ford that entry-level model would be the Fiesta, a car that will surely surprise the uninitiated if given the chance.

The Fiesta is a handsome little sedan, especially in mid-grade SE trim with a few upgrades added, not to mention Oxford White paint. The stylish grille pulls cues from Mustang, albeit with chrome detailing befitting of a little luxe four-door, while the lower fascia incorporates some edgy aerodynamic detailing and sporty fog lamps. Large headlamps take up most of its front corners, while turn signals integrated into each body-colour mirror cap add a bit of upscale class. From the rear, an attractive set of red and clear-lensed taillights bookend a discrete deck lid spoiler, while the back bumper cap gets a diffuser style matte black plastic finisher for a sporty look.

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Lincoln doesn’t make a compact car so therefore Ford makes up for the problem big time with the luxuriously equipped Focus Titanium. Boasting premium a soft touch dash top, instrument panel, door uppers…

2016 Ford Focus Titanium Sedan Road Test Review

Other than the class-dominating Mustang, Ford doesn't enjoy quite the same level of sales success with its car program as it does with its top-selling trucks and SUVs, but its Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus are important players within their respective segments just the same.

The Focus is especially noteworthy due to the sheer number of models that carry its nameplate, which include both four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body styles, with high-performance ST and RS variants as well as an all-electric version of the latter, plus unique luxury trimmed Titanium editions of both sedan and hatch. You'd think with this much on offer the blue-oval brand would be number one in its category, but compact competition is fierce in Canada and the imports have long held the lead.

The question of sales leadership becomes even more puzzling when factoring in just how superbly finished and advanced the Focus is, from its forward thinking mechanical technologies to its leading Read Full Story
Ford Edge or Lincoln MKX? That’s a question buyers of these impressive 5-occupant CUVs will need to ask themselves and one discussed in today’s review of a top-line Edge Sport. Boasting a 2.7L Ecoboost…

2016 Ford Edge Sport Road Test Review

Here are some stats you probably don't know. Ford brand sales are so far ahead of the competition in Canada that even if each and every Smart, Scion, Mini, Mitsubishi and Chrysler sold last year were added to second-place Toyota's lofty 2015 calendar year tally the pseudo-conglomerate wouldn't measure up. Likewise, if you combined Toyota's total sales with Subaru, Kia, Volkswagen, Mazda, Jeep, GMC, or even all of Dodge brand sales Ford would still come out on top.

How does Ford do it? Their F-Series is consistently Canada's bestselling pickup truck and their lineup of crossover sport utilities is most popular too. The Escape dominates our compact category whereas the Edge and Explorer are both strong sellers in the five- and seven-passenger SUV segments respectively, while the wonderfully oddball Flex is actually the niche model that pushes Ford past its closest competitor for top spot amongst midsize SUVs.

So far this year I've reviewed that unorthodox Flex and the more Read Full Story