Long in years yet still very capable in its compact class, the Ford Focus Sedan offers good value across the line and a near-premium experience in top-line Titanium trim. Today we take an in-depth look…

2017 Ford Focus Sedan Titanium Road Test

When a car nears the end of its lifecycle two good things can happen, one being discounted pricing and the other improved reliability.

The Focus certainly qualifies for the first, with Ford offering plenty of rebates and its dealers providing healthy discounts for anyone wanting a 2017 model, especially now that 2018 models are arriving. As for the second issue, the Focus continues to struggle in third-party dependability studies, with Consumer Reports saying "it's plagued by poor reliability and, at low speeds, a jerky transmission," and J.D. Power and Associates giving it just two out of five for powertrain mechanical quality and powertrain design, plus the same low score for body and interior mechanical quality. Yikes!

Fortunately the Focus gets mostly good customer reviews, but even reasonable customer satisfaction hasn't been enough to keep it selling well in recent years. Let's face it, you need to update a car every once in a while, especially when the market segment Read Full Story
The Explorer’s popularity certainly hasn’t faded since becoming a household name in the ‘90s. In fact, the current model is the bestselling SUV in North America and Canada’s top-selling 7-passenger…

2017 Ford Explorer Limited 4WD Road Test

Ford gave its 2016 Explorer a mid-cycle update and it's continued into 2017 more or less unchanged, its rounded edges sharper and less Range Rover like, albeit still paying unabashed homage to the luxury SUV brand's iconic styling as if it were an Invicta Pro Diver 8926 trying to pass itself off as a Rolex Sub.

Scoff at Ford's designers all you want, their plan is working. Last year the Explorer was the number one selling mid-size SUV in North America, while so far this year it's edged past Kia's Sorento to become the bestselling seven-passenger SUV in Canada. It's about to set another modern-day sales record in the U.S. as well, the large mid-size model's success seeming to know no bounds.

I must admit to liking the Explorer's styling, in the same way a well-executed homage to a classic watch gets my respect, if not my investment. I'd sooner buck up for a vintage Doxa Sub, a Seiko 6309 or 6105-8110 Diver, or even a Vostok Amphibia, or something really outside the box Read Full Story
The Focus EV may be aging, but Ford’s made up for it by increasing range and reducing its MSRP. At just under $32k it drives the best value amongst EVs, a price that drops a lot when applying available…

2017 Ford Focus Electric Road Test

Let's be clear. Two things matter most with the majority of electric car buyers: range and price. If it can drive far enough on a single charge to be practical and doesn't cost too much more than a conventionally powered equivalent then some semblance of sales success will follow. Being that the latter situation hasn't fully materialized I probably should've mentioned a third criteria to electric vehicle success, government support. Everywhere that EVs are relatively plentiful you'll also find well-funded taxpayer programs, first to reduce the cost of initial purchase through rebate programs, and secondly to supply the necessary public charging stations to facilitate life with a plug-in vehicle. Until recently, the highest EV rebate payout in Canada was Quebec at $8,000, compared to $5,000 in BC and zero anywhere else, other than Ontario that now gives buyers of some electric cars, including Ford's Focus Electric, up to $14,000 back through various programs. We can discuss how fair it Read Full Story
If this van caught your interest, you’ve got serious work to do. Ford’s Transit has quickly become the industry bestseller, and for good reason. It comes in three lengths and three heights, plus offers…

2017 Ford Transit 350 Diesel Van Road Test

If your business needs a new cargo van, Ford's full-size Transit is a good place to start your search.

The Transit 350 Diesel Van available for my weeklong test made the just noted term "full-size" seem understated, as it was a bit too big for my garage. I left it sitting on the long patch of gravel in front of my office when not in use, although it's sheer mass had me worried it would cave the side of an adjacent ditch in, and we'd walk out to find it lying on its side. Fortunately, my concerns weren't warranted.

It really wasn't parked for much of its short tenure anyway. As you can likely imagine, I had a number of mobile activities that required such a large, dry space, foreknowledge of such a useful appliance causing a preplanned agenda that could never be fulfilled in just seven days.

The Transit 350 Diesel had no problem accommodating our every wish, mind you. Our tester's massive passenger side-slider and tall 50/50-hinged rear doors provided access to Read Full Story
Mustang sales are hotter now than they’ve been in years, with last year’s numbers more than doubling deliveries of its arch nemesis Chevy Camaro. It comes down to fabulous design, phenomenal performance…

2017 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Road Test

You'd think for a car available non-stop since 1965 there'd be more than six generations to the legendary Mustang's credit, but Ford ran the first generation (the many iterations of which any genuine car enthusiast equally loves and lusts after) for eight years and made even better use of the 1979–1993 third-gen Fox bodied model. I don't think you'd get much argument from all but drag racing fans that the current rear independent suspension-enhanced sixth-gen model, available since 2015, is the best Mustang ever.

It takes little coaxing for me to accept a week in any of its trims, the first of this type being a 2015 Mustang GT Premium Convertible, which was followed by the new 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder 2016 Ecoboost Fastback and a 2016 GT Convertible, the latter much like our most recent tester other than its eye-searing Triple Yellow paintjob.

Actually, this 2017 GT Convertible Premium is coated in the same Ruby Red exterior paintwork and its seats covered Read Full Story