An epic minivan deserves an epic review, so grab a coffee (no, make that two coffees) and settle into a comfy chair because our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited road test is a tell-all comparo that’ll…

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited Road Test

The Pacifica is going to be a very interesting experiment.

Let's be honest for a moment. The Chrysler brand isn't exactly robust when it comes to sales or models. As of last year it has become Canada's slowest selling mainstream brand other than Mini, Fiat and Smart. Yes that means even Mitsubishi outsells Chrysler, and by a significant margin. It's not doing much better in its home market south of the 49th either, outselling the three city car brands just mentioned as well as Mazda and Mitsubishi last year, but Mazda, which is known for selling poorly in the U.S., has already sold almost 50 percent more units within the first two months of 2017, so it's not looking good for Chryco.

The problem? Chrysler currently has just three models in its lineup including the 200 mid-size sedan, the 300 full-size sedan, and the Pacifica minivan, although the 200 is slated for cancellation when 2017 ends and sales have dropped off considerably since this was announced. As you may have Read Full Story
For almost 30 years the Town & Country has been a cut above when it comes to minivans, and top-line 2016 Limited Platinum trim continues this heritage into the model’s final year. Yes, it’s to be…

2016 Chrysler Town

I feel like I'm writing a eulogy to an old friend rather than a car review, the 2016 Town & Country in its final season of availability after 27 years of playing second fiddle to the Dodge Grand Caravan in sales, yet concertmaster when it comes to upscale class and luxury. Still, while the name will disappear a Chrysler minivan replacement is already touring auto shows to rave reviews, the new Pacifica pulling its name from the Pentastar brand's luxury crossover past in order to bridge the gap between ever-popular mid-size sport utilities and the diehard family hauler with sliding side doors.

While I'm tempted to wax strong on the new Pacifica, because I really like what I see and was impressed when poking around inside at Chrysler's auto show stand, the outgoing Town & Country deserves my full attention out of respect alone. After all, few nameplates can lay claim to nearly 30 years of constant production, although it should be noted the previous Town & Country station Read Full Story
After more than 30 years on the road, FCA’s minivans are still totally dominant with 60% of their market in Canada, but it certainly can’t hurt to add a new S trim line for the luxury-equipped Town…

2015 Chrysler Town

Can you imagine what would have happened if Chrysler group had actually replaced the Grand Caravan with the Journey back in 2008 as was expected? They certainly would've sold a lot fewer vehicles, 333,800 since 2009 in Canada alone to be exact (and another 764,709 in the US, plus who knows how many more in the rest of the Americas and overseas?). The Journey does very well in its mid-size crossover SUV class, but it's nowhere near as successful as Dodge's trusty old family van north of the 49th. If we merely cherry pick calendar year 2014, which was hardly the Caravan's best 12 months, Dodge sold 51,759 Grand Caravans to Canadian customers compared to just 24,715 Journeys, that last number making the crossover utility one of the top sellers in its mid-size class, yet dwarfed by the humble minivan, the fifth best-selling vehicle in Canada overall, incidentally. As of September this year it's sold 34,762 units to the Journey's 19,156, so all-round it appears to have been a decision well Read Full Story
Chrysler has mildly redesigned its 300 series luxury sedan for 2015, and with the revisions has updated the car’s most opulently appointed trim level with a Platinum designation and new level of over-the-top…

2015 Chrysler 300C Platinum Road Test Review

When Chrysler attaches the somewhat overused "Platinum" trim designation to its flagship four-door, which has become the new "Limited" replacement descriptor for top of the line trim for many brands in the auto industry, at least they ante up with something truly special. This latest 300C Platinum is not only the best production Chrysler cabin ever, but it rates as one of the nicer interiors I've experienced within the full-size luxury sedan segment.

First off, I was taken aback by its gorgeous two-tone dark blue and ivory white colour scheme. The last time I drove a car with this combination of ultra-rich hues I was also staring out the windshield at a Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament above its imposing grille. Yes, that was the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II, the most recent iteration of the luxury of luxury cars, and hardly bad company for a Chrysler 300C. While I won't even pretend to compare the two, although it should be noted that the 300 had the cool kinked headlamp clusters Read Full Story
The new 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan is rising up the sales charts for good reason, and Simon Hill gives his take on exactly what makes it so appealing, while also pointing out some things that might be disconcerting…

2015 Chrysler 200S AWD Road Test Review

Fully redesigned for 2015, Chrysler's 200 seems to be on a roll. It grabbed the number-one sales spot in Canada when it first hit showrooms, beating out the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion that month. Continued strong sales the following month saw it hang onto third place behind only the Camry and Hyundai Sonata. In the US the 200's change of fortune hasn't been quite so dramatic, but it has climbed several notches in the sales hierarchy, going from an also-ran to a top top-six contender.

Part of the 200's success certainly comes down to value: Chrysler advertises the 200 as the most affordable mid-size sedan in Canada, and with a starting price for the base 200 LX of $24,190 including the $1,695 destination fee (and only $21,190 including a $3,000 cash discount offered early in 2015) it's certainly a lot of car for the money.

But it's more than just that. The new 200 is based on an enlarged version of the architecture underpinning the new Dodge Dart and Jeep Read Full Story