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   2011 Infiniti QX Road Test Review

Infiniti, Nissan's luxury division, first revealed its all-new QX full-size SUV at New York's prestigious 2010 International Auto Show.
2011 Infiniti QX56
The new QX56 looks totally different from the outgoing model, and more familial to Infiniti's new design language. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
It represents the second-generation for the QX, which was designed to provide what Infiniti refers to as "a genuine five-star travel experience."

This latest iteration QX delivers 25 percent more horsepower, while at the same time improving the fuel economy by more than 10 percent – and it does so, amazingly, with no price increase over the 2010 QX models.

The new QX displays a dramatic and dynamic presence, with styling cues that relate strongly to, and identify with the rest of the Infiniti vehicle lineup's DNA. To be sure, it is no longer simply a dressed up Nissan Armada, but rather a sophisticated and superbly luxurious full-size SUV that delivers state-of-the-art technologies and features, ensuring the ultimate in heightened levels of luxury travel. It offers more than Business Class accommodations, <Read More>

   2011 Infiniti QX56 Leaked Prior to New York Auto Show

Rather than bend to environmentalist pressure, Nissan's premium division Infiniti has been busy coming up with their next generation
2011 Infiniti QX56
A totally new look for the 2011 QX56, with more curves. (Photo: Infiniti)
QX56 full-size SUV, and this isn't a crossover folks, it's the real deal. 

Built on the backbone of Nissan's Titan pickup truck, but highly modified for its luxury pretensions, the 2011 QX will sport a redesigned suspension system and a version of the automaker's refined 5.6-litre V8 engine making an estimated 400hp and 405 lb-ft of torque; more details will come with Infiniti's largest debuts in Manhattan at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) later this week. 

The QX56 should also get Nissan's new 7-speed automatic transmission, plus electronic four-wheel-drive featuring driver-selectable modes and a hydraulic anti-roll system. 

The new <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti QX56 Road Test Review

There are those who might jump to the conclusion that the Infiniti QX56 is little more than a dressed up Nissan Pathfinder Armada,
2010 Infiniti QX56
A classy looking full-size luxury SUV, the Infiniti QX56 represents great value in the premium sport ute segment. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
but that would be an incorrect assumption.  It's true that the basic design form and base mechanicals of these corporate cousins are shared to a degree, but there the similarity ends. 

The QX56 first appeared on the luxury SUV scene in early 2004 and underwent extensive revisions in the 2008 model year.  It is truly a full-size and luxurious adventure craft with seating for up to eight; second-row captains chairs come standard for a total of seven.  It is an ideal vehicle for family outings or for hauling huge loads of gear. 

The wheels are large and flashy, and the grille is bold and bright with horizontal bars.  Infiniti refers to this as a "Waterfall" grille, but how many horizontal waterfalls have you ever seen?  <Read More>

   Infiniti Reveals IPL G Convertible in Paris

Infiniti chose to debut its AMG- and M-fighting Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) at Pebble Beach
2011 Infiniti IPL G Convertible
Sweet looking IPL G Convertible has got performance to match. (Photo: Infiniti)
in August with the introduction of a kitted out and specially tuned 348-horsepower G37 Coupe. The Japanese premium brand followed Act 1 up with Act 2 in Paris last month, now shining its spotlight on a conceptual IPL version of its G Convertible.

"The Infiniti Performance Line is designed to push the premium performance envelope for buyers seeking a higher level of exclusivity and driving exhilaration," commented Infiniti's US vice president Ben Poore. "IPL promises unique driving attributes from other Infiniti models, without adding stratospheric prices."

The gets most of the same upgrades as offered with the Coupe version, although like the standard-tune G Convertible power may be downgraded slightly. All the same, a factory-designed body kit will be part of the package as will some chassis tweaks to tighten and firm the already sporty ride to Z-like levels.

When the IPL G Convertible hits the road, it will be one of few factory-tuned topless sports models in its class. Lexus doesn't have a high-strung F version of its IS-C, whereas Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe Road Test Review

Last year I drove Infiniti's 2009 G37 Coupe from San Francisco to Monterey and back to attend my annual Western Automotive
2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe
Now that's a great looking sport coupe! (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
Journalists ride and drive program, and then tooled around San Francisco for the better part of a week enjoying myself immensely. I came back glowing about the car's performance and overall refinement, sharing it in a review. That car was a G37 S, S denoting Sport, while this year Infiniti gave me a 2010 G37x to test for a week at home, the x marking all-wheel drive.

Before I delve into the differences between the two trim levels and what I like more about one than the other, there have been a few upgrades for 2010 that I should go over. While the Coupe didn't get the new grille and fascias of the Sedan, and frankly doesn't need them, it did receive some interior mods. First on the list are new interior colours, as well as new aluminum trim that looks very upscale. A revised gauge package is a feast for the eyes too, as <Read More>

   2011 Infiniti M Road Test Review

Infiniti's all-new 2011 M has its work cut out for itself. It's up against an all new 2011 BMW 5 Series, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class
2011 Infiniti M
An entirely new look, the M37 and M56 are improved in every way! (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
that was redesigned only last year, an Audi A6 that still sells well despite being well into its current generation, and a Jaguar XF that will benefit tremendously by trickle down advertising of the all-new flagship XJ. Challenging indeed! But the new M is very, very good. Yes, good enough to put up a serious fight of it's own.

Infiniti arranged an opportunity to drive its latest midsize contender from Nanaimo, a picturesque coastal city on the east side of Vancouver Island, to Ucluelet, a tiny resort community on the western shore, 340 kilometers away. The roads are well paved yet wonderfully winding, ideal for a sport sedan of the M's character, as agile as the majority of four-doors and more potent than most of its direct competitors.

That potency starts <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan Road Test Review

Infiniti introduced their third generation G sedan as a 2007 model, and then made improvements to the 2009 model which featured a new,
2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan
Infiniti's best-selling model succeeds for a reason. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
larger 3.7-litre V6 engine that pumped out 328 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque, connected to an electronically controlled 7-speed automatic transmission with column-mounted paddle shifters.  All but one of the G Series sedans are driven by their rear wheels – the G37x, with the "x" denoting All-Wheel Drive (AWD).  For 2010, the G Sedan, Infiniti's top-selling model, features revised exterior styling, an enhanced interior treatment and upgraded technology features.  There are new headlights, and the fog lights have been moved from the headlight cluster to the lower fascia.  The interior has been freshened as well. 

The 2010 Infiniti G sedan is available four different ways: the base G37, the G37x AWD, the G37 <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti FX35 Road Test Review

The first generation Infiniti FX was originally introduced in 2003 with what some may reference as a bizarre, but arguably unique
2010 Infiniti FX35
There's nothing else like Infiniti's FX on the road, and those that like it, like it a lot! (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
approach to both design and engineering that radically emphasized the sport factor over a traditional focus on utility.  Infiniti's second generation bowed during the 2009 model year.  As the FX lineup enters its second year of the second generation, models include the FX35 and the flagship FX50. 

Both drive configurations of the FX35 are powered by a 3.5-litre V6 that delivers 303 horsepower at 6,800 rpm along with 262 pound feet of torque, and both feature all-wheel drive with Infiniti's ATTESA E-TS AWD system.  The FX50 is powered by a 5.0-litre, 32-valve V8 that generates 390 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and develops 369 pound-feet of torque at 4,400 rpm.  All Infiniti FX models meter power to the drive wheels via a 7-speed electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission with manual shift mode, adaptive shift control, downshift rev <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti M Road Test Review

Infiniti's flagship five-passenger sedan has upped the ante in the mid-luxury sedan class.  The goals of Nissan's luxury division
2011 Infiniti M
This great looking car is flying the wrong colours. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
for the 2011 M lineup included: coming up with a more expressive exterior design without sacrificing interior roominess, providing increased power output along with better fuel economy, and adding exclusive new features that aid in reducing driving stress factors. 

Infiniti's new design was skillfully blended with existing styling cues to maintain the M's brand heritage and DNA.  The form is slippery in terms of aerodynamics -- from the low-mounted horizontal grille to the high front fender wells and strong shoulder character line.  A definitive rocker cut line pulls the entire car's form into a lower, more sinister stance, displaying genuine rear-wheel drive proportions with its long hood and short deck. 

The <Read More>

   2010 Infiniti EX35 Road Test Review

Infiniti certainly goes about luxury in an entirely different way than its competitors. Since day one it has delivered high style that's
2010 Infiniti EX35
EX isn't just a baby FX, it's an entity unto its own. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
ah-so very Japanese in its understated elegance, along with strong performance that borders on Teutonic. Actually, the current G37 bests the Europeans in just about every performance category while delivering a thoroughly engaging and totally satisfying driving experience, something that can also be said about the brand's newest EX35 crossover that rides on the same front-midship architecture.

Take an EX35 for a quick spin and you'll be wondering why the Germans, excepting BMW with its very capable yet long-overdue-for-replacement X3, can't make a crossover SUV that feels as good dynamically. The EX is a sports car with significant storage space and a liftback to boot, or at least it feels much like the capable sport sedan it's based on.
2010 Infiniti EX35
Stylish compact crossover is outrageously fun to drive. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
A quick glance shows that the EX is lower overall and more wagon-like in profile than its competitors, measuring in at 1,589 mm (62.6 inches) tall, which is in familial keeping with its larger FX sibling.

This gives the EX35 an advantage when handling corners, although not as much benefit when loading in rear passengers (it's a big cramped back there) or cargo, with a reasonable but not SUV-like 527-litre (18.6 cu-ft) maximum. Segment leaders are Acura's RDX and BMW's X3 with 816 and 850 litres (28.8 and 30.0 cu-ft) behind the rear seats respectively, while the popular GLK is respectable with 660 litres (23.3 cu ft) of storage
2010 Infiniti EX35
Nice top-tier interior is one of the best in the premium compact crossover class. (Photo: Canadian Auto Press)
space aft of the seating area. Audi's Q5 is slightly smaller than and the most similar in shape to the EX35. Lay those seats flat and the Mercedes opens up to 1,549 litres (54.7 cu ft), whereas the Acura and BMW grow to 1,716 and 2,010 litres (60.6 and 71.0 cu ft) respectively. The Infiniti makes do with a rather paltry 1,342 litres (47.4 cu ft) in comparison.

What Infiniti's wagon-like crossover strategy does, however, is give them a unique offering in a segment that's really just starting to grow. Lexus, for instance, has nothing to offer in the compact luxury crossover category. Acura antes up with its RDX, Audi now has a Q5, Land Rover its LR2 and Volvo the XC60, plus Mazda and Volkswagen <Read More>

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